Yoga For Stress

Much is being made of yoga’s ability to help with stress, anxiety, and depression.  I have felt the benefits of my yoga practice on my mental health first hand, and have been lucky enough to see those benefits in those I have taught, both in a class setting and in my 1 to 1 sessions. 


I would argue that both the body and mind need to be given equal attention for a happier and fulfilled life. Yoga’s ability to help in both of these areas is unparalleled. Exercise in itself is one of the biggest contributing factors to help alleviate mental health issues and with yoga, the concentration of the breath and mind in both our posture work and meditation practice add yet another layer, helping the practioner to gain a little more control of the wandering mind, gaining a greater focus on how to use the breath to their advantage. Perhaps in times of panic or when the need to relax arises.


The feedback I have received from some students include improved flexibility, greater freedom in their joints and alleviated problem areas such as bad backs and shoulders but I have also heard from students that they have felt a greater sense of calm, that their sleep has improved and that they have the ability to stand back from intrusive thoughts and perhaps act differently. So if you are having any issues with excess stress, anxiety or depression in your life then give me a call, join a class or maybe book a 1 to 1 session, what is there to lose!!