Further Info

I am aware that time is an issue for all of us and the distance you may need to travel to reach a yoga class can be a factor in not making it at all, so here are a few names of teachers I am very confident in recommending and their contact details.
Fiona Kirrane
Peter Hunter
Jo Ball
Should you want to go move off the matt I can wholeheartedly recommend finding yourself a personal trainer, I have been working with Sam for some time and my strength and my yoga practice in turn as benefited immeasureably.
Sam Pashley
I know there are quite a few others teachers around so do a little research, check out the British Wheel of Yoga for teachers local to you are current members. And be sure to try a few out perhaps, if they don't suit ask the teacher for any recommendations they may have.
If time really is a factor, you can always try you tube or subscribe to one of the many online platforms available, most of them do a free trial period.
Basically find a way to get yourself on the matt!