My name is Rebecca Dunn.

I have been practicing yoga for approximately 4 years, initially with a wonderful teacher, Peter Hunter, in Coventry.  After a difficult period, I decided to try yoga, primarily as a way to ease stress and help “quieten” a particularly busy mind.

After the first session I was hooked, not only did I find a greater sense of peace whilst on the mat, it started to seep into my daily life and I did indeed find that with regular practice I could lead a less stressful life and learn relaxation techniques alongside how to breath better! I also became increasingly more flexible into the bargain, which of course was an added bonus.

With encouragement and a thirst to learn more, I ventured to a few different classes and found they all offered something different. With Pete’s, encouragement I decided to further increase my knowledge and begin a foundation course with the British Wheel of Yoga. I was not discouraged and there began my journey along the teacher-training path.

It has been a wonderful experience to date and I have faced my fair share of difficulties not least with the idea of standing in front of people. But having completed my course and having been teaching a class in Pailton for over a year now, I continue to both grow and learn from my practice every day. I became a teacher primarily to see if I could offer to others a little of what I have received through the practice of Yoga, this is my continued wish.

What to expect:

My class is aimed at beginners to yoga, we will run through a series of warm ups followed by some more dynamic postures and ending with a relaxation session.  All levels of ability and age are truly welcome. The class is informal and relaxed. I will help to guide and modify postures to suit ailments, injuries etc,

I want you to enjoy the experience, we do not aim for contorting into pretzels in my class, we work with our bodies to develop an ease of movement, a connection to our breath and learn how to develop a little more control over wandering minds.

Class Times:

Monks Kirby Studio:

Monday evening            9.30am – 10:30am

 Thursday morning       9:30am – 10:30am


All classes, £6.00 and are pay on arrival

Please follow the link to book a space at either class in Monks Kirby, as spaces are limited to 5.

Class times are updated regularly, or if you have a group of 3 or more, we can create a specific class time, just get in touch.

Private personal sessions:

1 to 1, if you feel some personal guidance is required, or simply would prefer not to practice within a class setting then this could be for you. Just contact me either by email or phone and we can have a chat about a time that suits and what your personal requirements/goals are.

£20 per hour session

What to bring:

Yourself!! Perhaps a blanket or warm clothing for the relaxation.

Water if required.  Mats are provided, but there are a limited number, so feel free to bring your own, if you have one. I would not encourage rushing out to buy one, until you are ensured of your commitment to practice.

What to wear:

Comfortable clothing, something that doesn’t restrict your movement, especially through the waist area. Most of the practice is done without socks, but of course this is not compulsory, you can buy specific yoga socks if you suffer with cold feet, arthritis etc, they will allow a firmer grip to the mat, which is important in standing/balancing postures.